Book: Blockchain & Cryptomonnaies (PUF)

Que Sais-Je? is an editorial collection published by the Presses universitaires de France (PUF). The aim of the series is to provide the lay reader with an accessible introduction to a field of study written by an expert in the field. There series now numbers over 3,900 titles by more than 2,500 authors, and translated in more than 43 languages. As such, it easily constitutes the world’s largest running ‘encyclopedia’ in paperback format.

Given my academic expertize on the matter, I have been invited to write a Que Sais-Je on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. The book cover the following topics:

  • The history of blockchain technology
  • The technical aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • Existing and potential applications of the technology
  • Social and political implications

I hope this book will help people acquire a basic understanding of the technology and be intrigued to learn more about it !

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