Launch of Jeud’IA Interdisciplinary Group

Started by a group of scholars from different institutions, the aim of this group is to enable collaboration between people from different backgrounds and disciplines, leveraging the knowledge that each discipline can bring to the table. Recent discussions around AI highlight its benefits along with the potential risks it brings to society and legal institutions. In order to deal with such a complex set of relations, an inclusive dialog between different fields is necessary. We welcome participants from disciplines such as law, computer science, engineering, philosophy, informatics, public policy, economy, political science and more. Computer scientists and engineers will benefit from understanding the legal and philosophical sphere in which the algorithms operate, whereas lawyers, social scientists and policy makers will benefit from understanding better the capabilities of the technology.

The Group will meet every two weeks on a Thursday for 2 hours in the afternoon in order to discuss one particular aspect of AI. The general idea is that all participants will be invited to pick a slot and present their work, in order to receive feedback and brainstorm with the other group members. Presenting a work in progress is highly encouraged. In case there is no official presenter, the group will discuss a newly released paper, a hot topic from the news, or anything else that come to mind.

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