Relevant news are published here on an ongoing basis. These posts are mostly related to my academic and research work, specific events that might be worth attending, or other things that I deem interesting.

New York Time book review

The New York Time released a book review of my book “Blockchain and Law” co-authored with Aaron Wright. The reviewer,...   More

Invited expert at the EUIPO

I have been invited as a recognized expert in blockchain law and regulation to join the Expert Group on the...   More

Launch of Jeud’IA Interdisciplinary Group

Started by a group of scholars from different institutions, the aim of this group is to enable collaboration between people...   More

Blockchain Conference: Theory & Practice (CERSA)

Blockchain technology has lead to the emergence of new peer-to-peer infrastructures for distributed coordination, enabling new ways of exchanging value...   More

EU Blockchain Observatory Policy Working Group

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